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Global Road Technology (GRT) is a world leader in innovative road technology solutions that help overcome the global challenge of creating safer roads and workplaces for people, industry and communities. GRT products also assist in making surfaces within mining, construction, infrastructure and farming projects stronger, longer lasting, as well as more cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

At the end of 2019, We were blessed to acquire the exclusive Distributionship of Global Road Technology for the
GULF, MENA, and African countries.

Countries under AMAK GRT Distributionship

GRT are the specialists in Dust Control, Soil Stabilisation, Erosion Control and Water Management.

GRT is an international, engineering technology company focusing on providing innovative products and solutions for the mining, civil, agricultural, resources, land development, and environmental management sectors. GRT’s industry leading technology is proven to drive process efficiency, deliver sustainable infrastructure outcomes, and improve community health, safety and environmental outcomes.

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GRT's foundation is engineering excellence and innovation. With highly experienced chartered engineers forming the core of our team, GRT can develop efficient, practical, site-specific solutions across mining, civil, environmental, and geotechnical disciplines, with application in the Roads, Rural, and Resource sectors.

GRT Product Applications

GRT’s revolutionary and environmentally friendly dust control, soil stabilisation, erosion control and water management products have a wide range of proven applications.

Formulated in the world’s leading laboratories and proven in the world’s toughest conditions, GRT’s innovative range of products and processes help create safe, reliable and resilient roads and infrastructure for people, industry and communities worldwide.

Compliance Principles

Approving & Supporting Regulatory Compliance Practices & Principles

ISO 9001
Food Standards AUS/NZ
World Bank
United Nations
Decade of action for road safety
Global road safety partnership
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