Ultrasonic Technology

Technical specifications of the underlying Ultrasound Technologies

UltraTecno is a technology-based company with broad experience which has built its reputation thanks to constant innovation initiatives. Nowadays, we are a leading company in the development and distribution of ultrasonic equipment for every type of industrial applications.

Since we started our operations, our primary goal has always been to satisfy our clients’ needs to the maximum extent. Therefore, we offer the best ultrasonic cleaning technology, guaranteeing excellent and efficient results. Furthermore, we have worked with all types of clients over the years, and we specialize in developing customized projects.

28KHz Ultrasonic Cleaning

Specially Engineered 28KHz Ultrasonic Cleaning

Cleaning System

Ultrasound cleaning technology is based on the generation of millions of bubbles in water in a process named cavitation. The bubbles generated implode creating large amounts of energy and triggering the cleaning process. This technology can be used for cleaning and purification of every type of parts, while it is broadly used in industries such as the automotive or ship industry. Its integration in industrial processes such as multi-stage or automated lines systems is perfect, and so the optimization of the process, since it is a precise technology that needs very few resources for its operation. Do not hesitate to contact us and capitalize on the fantastic advantages this technology is capable to provide. UltraTecno is constantly searching for new applications to respond to the needs of our clients; tell us about your requirements and we will offer you the best professional advisory services.

Ultrasound & Cavitation Process

Ultrasounds are sound waves with frequencies above the human auditory range (20 – 100 kHz). The ultrasound applications are based on the physical phenomenon of cavitation which may be induced in any liquid medium.The sound waves cause the microscopic bubbles present in the natural liquids to expand (during phases A and B of low pressure) and contract until they implode (during phases C and D of high pressure). The formation and implosion of bubbles (cavitation process) is produced thousands of times per second.

Cavitation Equipment

UltraTecno specializes in the distribution of a multitude of ultrasonic cavitation equipment for industrial companies. With a broad technology base, our company has always waged on constant innovation, creating and developing machinery to respond to the current and future needs of our clients. The most prominent applications of this technology include cleaning machines through ultrasonic cavitation equipment, cavitation and ultrasounds cleaning. The technology offers multiple benefits to its users. Ultrasonic cavitation machines guarantee an excellent cleaning process for every type of parts with the maximum level of energy efficiency.

ultrasonoids cavitation
  • Cleans organic/inorganic surfaces and porous internal structures, joints, fissures (by disintegrating polluting substances)
  • Eliminates/separates microfilms formed by Brettanomyces and other micro-organisms
  • Kills micro-organisms (by breaking cellular walls) present on surfaces and in liquids, porous internal structures, joints and fissures
  • Reduces the size and variability of particles in liquid suspensions
  • Accelerates fermentation
  • Improves the extraction rates of color /aroma / nutrients / by-products
  • Eliminates particles of matter (tartrates, living or dead microbial cells) of pores, joints and fissures
  • Reduces undesired pasteurization effects
  • Prevents undesired substances from adhering to machines and membrane filters
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