Military Applications

Rapid Deployment Military Systems

Tested and used by several of the world’s armed forces, GRT’s soil stabilisation and dust control solutions have numerous military applications – improving safety, increasing mobilisation speed and ultimately saving lives.

Helicopter dust
Apache landing

Earthen runways generate dust and are also susceptible to deterioration from wet weather – particularly in tropical climates.

GRT products such as GRT-7000, GRT-9000, GRT-WetLoc, GRT-HaulLoc, and GRT-SoilLoc can be used to quickly stabilise and seal runways, using standard military construction equipment such as graders, water trucks and rollers.

For initial deployment, an ultra-concentrate added to water, suited for broad-scale application, can be used to initially dust-suppress these areas.

Dust created during helicopter landing and take-off creates a period of vulnerability during which pilots and soldiers can easily become disorientated, especially while under attack. With little to no ground preparation required, GRT dust control solutions can be applied to open surfaces, immediately stopping dust generation for months at a time. This can help reduce the leading cause of helicopter crashes with associated high cost to lives and capital.

Military Camps, Parade Grounds, Temporary Roads

GRT products when applied achieves a stable layer of clear, bonded material resistant to wind erosion, rain impact, pedestrians, and traffic. This product has a high resistance to UV degradation and eliminates the dust and erosion of a treated surface, when used to maintain the surface.

For transport routes of constant LV, truck or aircraft traffic, simply utilise a higher rate to produce a more suitable, durable outcome.

It is a specifically developed, polymer technology used and approved by heavy industry, worldwide.

Combat & Natural Disaster Zone Dust Control

When buildings and other infrastructure are damaged because of combat or demolished due to natural disasters, many hazardous dusts can be released into the environment.

This is a significant health hazard for the civilian population as well as military personnel deployed for combat or humanitarian reasons.

GRT Liquid-Floc has been specifically designed to encapsulate and control these harmful dusts.

An ultra-concentrate, LCP technology GRT Liquid Floc can be used to effectively capture and control:

Asbestos Fibres – still used or present used in many buildings
Silica Dusts – harmful dusts commonly generated from crushed concrete and hard rock
Heavy Metals – present in buildings, munitions and underground services
Contaminated Dusts – dust contaminated with chemicals due to spills, accidents, fires, natural disasters, and combat activity

Logistics Yards and Vehicle Depots

Dust is a huge source of equipment and vehicle damage. It accelerates the wearing of any moving parts and is in itself a significant respiratory health hazard for personnel.

Heavy trucks, forklifts, and tracked machinery (whether tanks or earthmoving machinery) damage all surfaces and generate dust.

Only one treatment can handle this punishment – GRT!

This technology substantially reduces the need to remove in-situ material and import specialised pavements, or investing in high cost treatments such as concrete. GRT is adaptable to many soil types, and works by soaking into the treated soil and simply weighs down particles, preventing them from becoming airborne.

GRT Products

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