UltraTecno is one of the leading European manufacturers in the design and development of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. They are responsible for the supply and provision of cleaning and de-greasing services to the industry all over Europe and around the world, acquiring 45 years of experience in the design and construction of equipments. As well as they have set a benchmark in the market thanks to the quality of their best ultrasonic machines for cleaning.

UltraTecno machines are unique in their design and construction, and have been developed for superior performance and long life. UltraTecno manufactures their own ultrasonic parts, and assembles newly designed customized equipment, providing high-quality complete facilities for industrial cleaning applications, for on and off-line cleaning solutions. UltraTecno offers all of these services to provide their clients the results they need.

ISO 9001 Quality System

Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001 quality standard, audited annually by Bureau Veritas. As a result, each professional ultrasonic cleaner machine manufactured in our facilities relies on a guaranteed superior quality.

Ultratecno iso 9001 certification
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Design and Production

UltraTecno has it's own complete design and production system at their disposal, considering it, as the best way to guarantee the best quality of machines. Thus, their quality commitment is based on the ability to fully control the entire production process without outsourcing critical activities.

Specifically, their integrated process covers the following areas:

  • Design Engineering for 3E CAD Software
  • Stainless Steel Welding Workshop
  • Quality Control
  • Electric Boards Assembly and PLC Programming
  • Proprietary Technical Assistance
  • Laboratory and UltraTecno Cleaning Products Range
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Technology and Applications

Explore the wide array of technologies undertaken by UltraTecno and their applications.

International Expansion

Thanks to the effectiveness of our results and the quality of our new technologies, UltraTecno has a broad presence in the following industrial sectors:

In 2010, Ultratecno started an ambitious international expansion process with the opening of a European Distributor Network with which they commercially distribute the complete range of their products, being currently a leading company in the European market.

In the third quarter of 2019 Al Massarat Al Khalijiya got the exclusive distributionship of Ultratecno for the State of Kuwait. In the industrial services sector the need for process optimisation, time based delivery and effective management is one key element to success. As such we are keen to have this Fantastic Technology under our umbrella.

Ultratecno Global Expansion
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