Ultratecno in Kuwait

Welcoming Ultratecno in the state of Kuwait

Al Massarat Al Khalijiya is proud to announce its exclusive distributorship of Ultratecno for the state of Kuwait. Ultratecno is one of the leading worldwide companies specialized in the design and distribution of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is based on the generation of millions of bubbles in water, in a process named cavitation. The bubbles generated implode creating large amounts of energy and triggering the cleaning process.

Ultratecno applications include the automotive, food, and marine industries, among several others.

Ultratecno ultrasound cleaning systems developed in Valencia are worldwide recognized for the large number of advantages they provide unlike other traditional methods still used today.

Ultratecno offers superior cleaning results by saving on consumption and labor costs, while avoiding the use of solvents. It has been proven to be a perfect option for a great variety of industrial equipment without damaging them.

Get in touch with Al Massarat Al Khalijiya to know more about Ultratecno and discuss industrial cleaning solutions, tailored to your needs.

Published on

5th Nov 2020


Inas M.
Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

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