GRT Soil-Loc

Broad-Scale Dust Suppression Designed to Stop Broad-Scale Wind Erosion

GRT Soil-Loc is a cost effective, broad-scale wind erosion technology designed to protect sensitive exposed surfaces. High seasonal winds or storm events can remove as much as 50-100mm of materials from exposed surfaces causing land degradation and transportation of unwanted dust and contaminants.

GRT Soil-Loc

GRT Soil-Loc is the best product for protecting large open areas in the resources sector, civil construction, and land development where there is a need to protect against wind and rain erosion of precious commodities or potential contaminants.

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Designed to be applied through standard equipment such as hydromulch trucks, water carts, or even irrigation systems, GRT Soil-Loc is simple to use and safe for vegetation, animals, workers, and neighbours.

The product is diluted with water and best added with agitation or into flowing water to ensure thorough mixing. GRT’s specialised long chain polymer (LCP) technology ensures a little goes along way!

A little goes a long way!

GRT Soil-Loc provides assurance that wind and rain will have negligible impact on operations, staff and other land users by controlling siltation, erosion and fugitive dust. While providing these benefits, this unique formula allows top soil to absorb moisture from irrigation or rain.

Key Benefits:

Low cost – GRT Soil-Loc – it’s the cheapest and most effective insurance on the market

Effective – Technology is a proven performer in the resource sector Internationally

Simple – Apply through your existing truck / mechanical spraying systems

Ultimate Product – Solves wind and rain erosion problems – keeping your material where you need it the most

Environmental – Product is safe for the environment, and stops the transportation of soil into receiving waters and other sensitive eco-systems.


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